3 February 2010 - 8:39 am


Been fighting with the Starwalker website over the past couple of days. The comments form was borking – for some reason, trying to submit a comment just sent you back to the homepage.

I checked everywhere I could think of. Compared code to the test site I had for the theme (where comments were working fine), replaced files, replaced code…. I hit up helpful friends who know a lot more codestuff than me, who pointed me in the right directions.

I wound up having to copy the theme files over to my test site one at a time, testing the comments after each one, to see which file contained the code that broke it. It took a little while, but I found the issue – the search form in the sidebar was overriding the comment form. Remove the search form, and it all works fine.

Huzzah! So now comments work on Starwalker. The one thing I didn’t think to test before it went live. Oops. Guess I won’t be making that mistake again! Thanks to those who offered help – it was much appreciated!

I might try to put the search form back in at some point (I think I know what was wrong with the code now, but, well. We’ll see). Do I really need one? Would anyone use a search on a blogfic?

The second post went up this morning. Friday’s is all scheduled and ready. Working on next week’s posts at the moment. So far, it’s going well, I think!

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