6 April 2019 - 12:20 pm

Time out of Mind: Challenge #2

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You now understand what your pivotal moment in future history is. You have an idea of the impacts it had and how it influenced humanity in the decades and centuries that followed. But have you forgotten about the time travellers? Because it’s time to bring them in. 

With a discovery like time travel, there’s bound to be some trouble. Someone steps on the wrong butterfly and a tsunami never occurs. Someone tries to kill their future mother-in-law because holidays with the extended family are such torture. Someone accidentally bets a science fiction writer to start a religion to prove a point. Chaos ensues. 

It’s inevitable that rules emerge about what you can and cannot do when traveling in time, for everyone’s sake and sanity. It’s also fairly inevitable that an agency is created to attempt to fix such occurrences, to try to put things back to how they were always supposed to be. An agency that attempts to right what other time travellers have put wrong. They work for the betterment of humanity through fixing history.

Give the agency a name. Perhaps a symbol or a badge they wear. 

How big are the teams they send back in time to repair things? A single person, a pair, a handful of personnel? Focus on a single team and decide who they are and how long they’ve been doing this type of work. How good at they at their work? Take a moment to think about what kind of persons make up this team.

What sort of tactics are they allowed to employ in the name of fixing history? What must they avoid? How ruthless are they allowed to be, and how ruthless is this team in particular likely to be? 

Because this team has been selected for one of the most important missions in the history of this agency: they must go back and prevent the pivotal moment from happening. Whether it led to good or bad things for humanity, it was a mistake and should never have happened. Humanity’s future history should have been different and it was time to fix it.

The orders have come down. The coordinates have been entered. The team is geared and costumed up and ready to go.

Now tell us the story of the pivotal moment again from the point of view of the team sent back to stop it from happening. Show us how it never comes to pass.

Bonus challenge: splintering. Use as much fracturing and splintering imagery as possible.

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