24 September 2009 - 12:48 pm

The End is Nigh

Yesterday, a huge dust storm swept up the eastern coast of Australia. It hit Sydney in the early morning, and by lunchtime had blanketed us in Brisbane too. It was mostly gone by the time dark fell, but today, it’s still working its way northwards.

Dust storms are apparently quite common in the Outback, where they’re much closer to the desert. I had never personally seen one before (and they’re saying that this was the worst one in 70 years). It was an eerie experience.

First of all, it turned the sky orange. This led to a lot of mentions of the apocalypse, and a great deal of amusement from me (the sky in the Apocalypse Blog was turned orange when the world ended). I hadn’t really comprehended how damn creepy it is. The dust storm was different to the situation in AB – yesterday it was an orange fog (that got orange dust on everything), whereas in AB, the clouds are persistent and stained. So the quality of the light would be different.

The sun was also very strange. It came through blue-white, like a great undead eye. So creepy.

I’ve seen lots of awesome pictures of the dust storm, though mostly on Facebook which is a pain in the ass to link to (so I haven’t bothered). It’s definitely atmospheric. Will there be that kind of storm in AB? Quite possibly. I take my inspirations from all kinds of sources, both real and fictional.

In other notes: Haven is hard work. I have about twenty balls in the air there right now and it’s tricky to keep them all balanced. On the plus side, I am getting over my cold and back to normal business. Work is also crazybusy and stressful as we approach our critical deadline (and I’m now in charge of getting us there).

The zombie invasion of Brisbane is scheduled for late October – sadly, I think I will be too busy to take part, but it does sound like a laugh. All we need now is a touch of acid rain, and I can start calling myself a prophet.

ETA: A lovely friend pointed me at a news site, which has some awesome pictures of red-tinted Brisbane. Go look!

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