Apocalypse Blog merchandise

I received an email this week about the possibility of producing AB merchandise, from an Australian-based online serial publisher. They’re setting up a merchandise store for their own web serials, and wanted to know if I would be interested in having AB stuff go on there, too. No set-up fees, no charges, nothing, but I can earn commission on all my merchandise.

It’s an interesting idea, and without seeing anything contractual, looks pretty good. (I need to check into the rights issues, I think.) I don’t mind so much about the money (though some extra is always good!), and I think I can probably get a design put together based on the awesome AB book cover that was done a few months ago.

I’ve been pondering this for a couple of days, and now I throw the question out to all of you: should I do it?

How many people would want (and buy!) an Apocalypse Blog t-shirt, or badge? (That’s what they’re offering to start with – t-shirts (black and white) and badges.) As a guide (I’ll need to check this when I get home), the shirts came out to about $25 and the badges to about $2 (Australian dollars, so cheaper in US dollars). Quality is roughly equivalent to Cafe Press and another store whose name I have forgotten.

Thoughts? Preferences? Considerations? Bite my hand off?

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