Guest posted!

Over the last week or so, I’ve been toying with a guest post for another blogfic, the Inventor. Yesterday, it went live! Huzzah!

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this blogfic for a while. It is written by a very good friend of mine, Julie, who did a guest post for me on the Apocalypse Blog.

The Inventor started in October (2009) and posts three or so times a week. It tells the story of a teenaged girl who has run away from home to the streets of San Francisco. She spins a different story to every person she meets, and she lies to herself just as often, while she struggles to figure out how to survive homeless, jobless, and friendless.

Julie uses some great images and turns of phrase in her writing, and she doesn’t shy away from the unpleasantness and vulnerability of living on the streets. I can’t wait to see where she’s going to take the story.

I was delighted when she invited me to do a guest post for her. For some reason, my brain immediately jumped on the idea of a hooker (what does that say about me?). Julie said she wanted to bring in prostitution sooner rather than later, so I started poking at it right away (hmm, not sure that’s the right phrasing). And thus, Savannah was born.

Writing the post has been a welcome distraction, a bit of a break from my usual Apocalypse Blog writing, and great fun. It’s a lot lighter than much of the stuff I’ve been writing of late! It also came out in present tense – I’m not sure why. I thought about switching it into past tense, but it seemed fairly comfortable in present (and Julie didn’t mind), so I didn’t bother.

So there we go. I have starred in another blogfic! Go me! Go read it, tell me what you think!

I have four posts left of the Apocalypse Blog. Only four! Time to go work on them.

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