1 May 2021 - 11:10 am

Superpowered: Challenge #1

For our first challenge, we’re going to write our characters’ origin story. You know who this person is and what they can do; let’s focus in on that moment when they discovered they had superhuman abilities. 

Did it happen all at once? Was it a gradual process? Were they warned ahead of time what to expect or left to their own devices to figure it out? What were the first signs? What were their first assumptions about what was happening to them?

How did they go about figuring out what they can do? What was it like to control it, if they could exercise any control? Did they tell anyone or try to keep it to themself? What was their understanding of what this might mean for them and their life? Now is the time to find out. 

Tell the story of this self-discovery. Explore how your character found out about what they can do, and all the possibilities that opened up to them… or were shut off. Focus on the time before they spoke to someone higher in authority or experience than them about it.

Your bonus element for this challenge is: blossoming. Include as many flower or opening images as possible.

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