29 March 2010 - 9:34 pm

Post delayed

I hate doing this, but it was an exhaustion-filled, vague weekend, and today has been crazy with work and my writing group. I have a post partially written, I don’t know if I like what I have, and I’ll be up until the small hours if I attempt to finish it now. In an attempt to sleep tonight, I am opting to postpone today’s instalment of Starwalker.

This is a first for me. I made it all the way through the Apocalypse Blog without missing/skipping/delaying a post, but Starwalker is proving to be a lot harder. There are various reasons for that, which I’ll no doubt blather on about in another post, but consider me unhappy with this state of affairs. Unhappy and determined not to repeat it.

I will aim to get the post up tomorrow. Then, with luck, Wednesday’s post will be on time. My apologies, everyone! I thank you all for your patience.

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