17 January 2009 - 3:37 pm

One month in…

I just logged into the AB admin panel to upload the next week of posts, and noticed the date.  The Apocalypse Blog started exactly one month ago today!  Wow.  It feels like forever – it certainly feels like a lot more than just one month.  And looking at the stats there – there are 50 posts up.  Holy crap.

Faith’s come a long way in that time.  Not surprising, as the world ended and all of the initial upheavals had to be pushed past.  She’s still not all the way there, but the good news is that by the end of the upcoming week, she will start to find her feet a little bit more.  The hospital section is designed for hope and healing, just not in an obvious way from the beginning.

Looking over the posts again (I do try to edit them before they go up, but I also try not to obsess over them), I’m not sure they’re exactly what I wanted.  I think I covered most of the bases, though.

I need to get onto my map and start planning out the next section.  It really is easier when they stay in one place.  I’ve got the map on the wall, time to go crazy with pins and pens, I think.

I doubt the next month will have quite so many posts, but I will be doing a little dance when the 100th post goes up.  Cos, wow.

In the meantime, back to editing and scheduling.  Can’t get up right now, because I have a kitten hugging my leg, fast asleep.  OMG the cute.

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