16 March 2009 - 7:52 pm

Nightowl fluffing

Why is it that the Apocalypse Blog posts I like recently have all been written at around midnight? Between being sick and being very immobile recently, I haven’t been sleeping well. Usually around midnight I get up to do something else for a while, which usually means poking at AB.

My inner nightowl is showing, because they seem to be coming out better (or maybe just easier) than the other posts I’ve been writing lately. Today’s post is one of these! It’s certainly spammier than others recently.

Very strange. I also found time to update the Cast and Chronology pages recently too. There is a hint about what’s to come in one of those updates (I am trying to slide in the references when I can!).

Writing on the train went well today. I want to work up a buffer of posts again (rather than post them as soon as they’re written like I am right now), and now I’ve got the mini notebook up and running (with a decent battery life), that looks possible again!

This are looking up again. I feel like I’m getting back on top of things. About time.

I should probably do another Writing Tips post soon. Wonder what this one should be about. Suggestions? Anyone? If only I had a plan.

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