Writing doesn’t have to be a solitary activity! The BrisNaNo community is a wonderful thing. Write-ins are our meet-ups, for which we gather in one place and write (online or in-person, as circumstances allow). It’s a chance to encourage each other, inspire ideas, ask questions, and write heaps and heaps of words. We also have stuff we give away, competitions, and writing sprints to boost your word count. More info on all of this stuff below!

Some clarifications:

So what’s a Write-out?

Write-outs are very similar to write-ins, except that our meeting-place is outdoors! We usually find a shady, comfortable place out in the fresh air to write. There probably isn’t anywhere to plug laptops in, and come prepared to brave the big outdoors (sun protection, water, etc!).

What’s the difference between a Central and an Unofficial Write-in?

You’ll see Central Write-ins and possibly Unofficial Write-ins on our events list for NaNoWriMo. The central ones are organised by your ML team and held at the same location every time (the Coffee Club in Milton). You’ll find at least one ML at the event and you can get all your official NaNoWriMo goodies and activities there.

Unofficial write-ins are organised and run by non-MLs. These are usually in locations that the MLs can’t get to and run by volunteers. Check the individual event details for information – this 101 is about official write-ins only!

What’s a Virtual Write-in

We also run write-ins online! They’re very similar to our in-person events, except you are in the comfort of wherever you choose to join us from and all of the communication is via text or possibly a dedicated voice chat channel, thanks to our Discord server. You can get encouragement from the group, join in with the thrill of word wars, ask questions, and exchange ideas, all without changing out of your pajamas!


Getting There:

What if I’m nervous to meet a bunch of strange writers?

For a bunch of introverts like so many of us are, it can be both exciting and daunting to attend one of these for the first time. We have wrimos in BrisNaNo who have been with us for years upon years but who haven’t yet managed to join us in person. And that’s okay!

What we’re saying is that we completely understand. Your MLs have been there, too, and we’re here to make the process easier for you. We make an effort to welcome newcomers to the group and make sure everyone gets settled. Let one of us know if you have any concerns or requirements, and we’re always happy to chat if you have questions. Our events are all in public places and we try to make it as low-impact for everyone as possible.

How do I get there?

Our Central Write-ins are held at the Coffee Club at Park Road, Milton. There’s free parking available in the area for those of you who drive. If you’re catching public transport, the CCM is a short walk up from Milton Station (on the Ipswich/Rosewood/Springfield lines), and there are many buses that go along Coronation Drive that will also get you there.

Where do I go when I get there?

We’re usually located in the rear part of the restaurant. Look for the forest of laptops! If you’re new, keep an eye out for an ML and we’ll get you settled in.


When You’re There:

Do I have to be there for the whole thing?

Nope! We run the write-ins for a long period of time so that as many people can come as possible, whether it’s after work, before dinner plans, or around family commitments. You don’t need to be there when it starts and you don’t need to stay until we finish; come and go as your schedule demands! Don’t worry about missing out; we always have room for more (we will take over the whole restaurant if we have to – and we have, in the past!).

Of course, if you want to stay for the whole time, you’re more than welcome to.

What is expected of me?

Come along, settle in, and make yourself comfortable. Be considerate of the others in the group – like if someone is wearing headphones, they usually don’t want to be disturbed and we do our best to respect that. (So please, bring headphones if this is you, it’s fine!) Ask if you have questions. Enjoy the free candy. Honestly, we don’t ask much of you, and you can let us know if there’s anything you need and we’ll do our best.

The write-ins are held in a café but you’re not obligated to buy anything. There’s free water and candy available!

What can I get at a write-in?

Stickers! We always have official NaNo stickers to give out, so make sure you get yours. We also have report cards and give out stickers for reaching word count milestones, write-in attendance, etc. You can also win a prize by taking part in word wars! Plus the aforesaid free candy, along with heaps of encouragement, inspiration, and communal support.

What’s a word war (or sprint)?

Periodically throughout the write-in (roughly once an hour, possibly more, possibly less), your MLs run a short timed event (10-15 minutes) with a goal to magic into existence as many words as you possibly can. It’s a fun challenge encouraged to help you towards your 50k goal, and the person who writes the most during the war gets a prize (1 each only, so everyone gets a chance to win). Rumour also has it that at least one ML uses it as a way to actually get any words done at all during a write-in. 


What if I have questions?

You can ask an ML anytime (Kess, Pokestine, and Roomonkey are your MLs!). You can reach us through the site or in person. We’re also often available through our BrisNaNo Discord server.

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