National Novel Writing Month

I have been lucky enough to be involved with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for many years now. NaNo is an annual writing challenge to write a novel (50,000 words) in November.

I’ve been an ML since I first started taking part in 2007 in Milton Keynes (UK), and from 2008 in Brisbane (Australia) in what has become known as the illustrious BrisNaNo region.

Being a Municipal Liaison (ML) means organising local in-person events, building the local online community, mentoring new writers in how NaNoWriMo works, and generally being supportive to everyone involved. I’ve been blessed during my time in BrisNaNo to have worked alongside wonderful co-MLs to share this work with, and it’s my favourite part of the year.

You’re Invited

The best thing about BrisNaNo is you: its writers. Here, we’re all about writers and writing. Whether you love the process, the creative energy and excitement, the polishing and publishing, the analysis and understanding, simply sharing and chatting about something you love, or the end result of it all in books and stories, you’ll find like minds here.

BrisNaNo members are writers first, interesting people second, and the rest is simply details that make us who we are. We welcome people from all walks of life, crossing a range of demographics, and we aim to make everyone feel equally at home with us. The only thing we ask is that you bring your enthusiasm for writing, some consideration for others, and appreciate each others’ differences, whether they are in lifestyle, background, ability, health, or preferred genre of fiction.

Every year, new people join us, and for some, this is an act of courage. We want all of you to know that you have a place with us, if you’d like it. There is a welcome waiting for you here. We’re deeply honoured by all those who take a chance to get to know us, and we hope you love it here as much as we do.

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Check out the other pages in this section to learn more about what we do and how it all works.

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