14 June 2009 - 2:21 pm

Moving confirmed!

My house has been confirmed – I have an appointment tomorrow to sign the lease. Soon, I will be a real grown-up with a (rented) house all of my own! Whoo!

Moving itself is going to be a piecemeal affair. I won’t be able to do any real moving of stuff until Friday, and I have yet to order furniture (mostly because I need to get in and take measurements first – another job for tomorrow). So it’s not going to be a sudden heave-ho over to the new place, but more of a gradual sliding in that general direction.

I’ll move properly once all the essentials are in place – bed, sofa, telly, internet connection. The usual things. Luckily, I’m not in a particular rush to be over there and have time to sort these things out. 

With luck, it won’t interrupt my usual writing activities too much. The new house is much closer to the city – 20 minutes on the train rather than an hour – which will be much better for my health and use of time. It will, however, bite deeply into my daily writing time – I don’t know how much I’ll be able to write on the train, if at all. 

So, once I move, there will be an adjustment period. I want to build up a buffer of Apocalypse Blog posts before that happens, so that I there is no interruption of service, but my available time to do that is severely limited. We shall see! Fingers crossed, huh?

I promise my faithful readers that I will do what I can to keep the story rolling while my life shifts around in the background. Still lots more to come there. 

Speaking of readers, I have a post to do about that soon. Watch this space!

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