19 May 2018 - 4:20 pm

Mind and Spirit: Challenge #5

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You know your ghost’s purpose and its time to resolve it, one way or another. It has learned how to communicate with the living, and how to claim and drive a meat suit. It has gained some friends or enemies: the living are lining up beside, behind, or opposite it. It is time for the ghost to go after the thing holding it in this world.

So now it’s time to bring all those threads together. Things are coming out into the light and up to a climax, for better or worse, and by the end, your ghost will be both dead and gone from the world of the living. Whether the ghost winds up at rest, banished, or obliterated is up to you. 

You know the pieces in play. You know the tools the ghost has at its disposal. Your final challenge is to tell us the story of the ghost’s endgame. 

This time, the caveat is to drain the colour out of your writing and give this piece a monochrome theme. Focus on the balance – or imbalance – of light and dark through the last part of your ghost’s story. 

Finish up: Epilogue

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