6 April 2010 - 9:08 pm

Guest post: Savannah, take 2

Back in December, my lovely friend let me play in her sandbox. I created Savannah, the candy-coloured hooker who likes to run at the mouth, in a guest post. Great fun to write, definitely something different from the stuff I was writing at the time (and now, as it happens).

Now, three months on, the story of the Inventor was in need of a spark of trouble, and so we brought the lovely Savannah back. Clover slid her into a tumultuous post, and then I got to write the hooker stumbling all over the aftermath.

It was tough to fit it in between the Starwalker writing, but definitely worth it. Sometimes it’s nice to break out and do something different. And who knows, maybe Savannah will come back later in the story and not screw things up for the poor main character. At least one of them deserves a break!

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