21 June 2011 - 1:03 pm


I’m not very good at updating this blog regularly. When things get busy, it’s usually the first to fall by the wayside! I tend to come along and splurge a few posts, and then focus on something else for a while.

I would like to change this. I’m not entirely sure how just yet, but I’m thinking about setting myself some time every week to write specifically for this blog.

I haven’t been creating the kind of chronicle for Starwalker that I did with the Apocalypse Blog. The journey of writing Starwalker is a rollercoaster – it’s crazy and fun and hard, and I’d like to capture some of that here. If only so I can look back and say ‘wow, I was nuts!’

I’ve also been giving talks about writing lately. I had a guest pull out of my writing group meeting this month, and put together some emergency notes so that we had something else to talk about! It was actually great fun (and I learned a lot!), but it would be nice if all this material I’m collecting didn’t just sit in a notebook somewhere.

I have plenty of stuff that I can write up. I have already started on the notes from my writing group (though assembling rambling notes into a coherent post is harder than it looks!), and will hopefully have something post-worthy in the next week. On top of that, there’s always the occasional vomit of information that has previously lived within the confines of my skull, like the recent posts on why and how to critique fiction.

Reviews. I would like to do more reviews, too. I often feel opinionated enough to write them, but finding time to do it is always the trick. Plus, I’ve promised at least one fellow writer that I would do one on their work! Sheesh. Get to it, slacker.

Perhaps I’ll try to post every other week, with a different type of post each week. That sounds terribly organised! Considering that I’m struggling to keep up with Starwalker most weeks, that is frequent enough to get me back into the habit of writing for this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in more posts as well!

So I have a plan. I have lots of things to write about. Now all I need is some time in my life, and I’m set! Watch this space, people – I will try to make it active and interesting!

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