2 August 2010 - 9:50 am

Editing kicked off

Following my post on Friday, I managed to follow through on my intention to start on the mammoth job of editing the Apocalypse Blog over the weekend.

The weather was nice, which meant that I could sit out on the deck with my wad of paper and a red pen. Most importantly, this meant that I was away from the computer and the TV, and all of the distractions and procrastinations that they encompass. I put some music on and sat out in the fresh air, and got my head down.

I had a slight blip when I realised that I’d printed AB out without page numbers. I’ve been very careful about weighing down my piles of pages (and writing numbers on as I go), because I don’t want to have to try to put that particular jigsaw puzzle back together if the pieces get spilt! So far, so good.

It’s strange, reading through it all again. I haven’t read AB since I posted it – every now and then while I was writing it, I’d go back and read the first week or two to remind myself how Faith used to sound, but this is the first proper re-read I’ve done.

It’s not as bad as I had feared it might be. I believe I’ve grown as a writer since I started it – AB taught me a lot – and more since I finished it and started on Starwalker. But despite that, I don’t think AB is terrible (it’s easy to despise old work). I’m still proud of it, I think.

I’m not saying it’s perfect – far from it. There’s not a page without some red marks on it: some little tweaks, some shuffles. Nothing major yet, which is a relief; this isn’t intended to be a major re-write, just a tidy-up.

I’m about 60 pages in at the moment (it comes to between 500 and 600 pages altogether), so I’ve only made the first dent in the editing job. It still feels good to take this first step and start on the road towards getting the e-books sorted.

Also, I may have found someone who can help me out with the covers. Lovely!

I’m feeling positive and perky today. Here’s hoping I get time to do more of the same soon!

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