2 May 2015 - 4:20 pm

Colonising Minds: Challenge #5

Start here before doing this challenge.

The colony’s big challenge is over, one way or another. It made it through or it didn’t. The dust has settled. A year has passed since then, a whole cycle of the seasons, a turn of the sun, and a visitor is approaching the colony’s borders.

Why is this person coming to the colony? Is it a planned trip, or a chance visit because they happened to be passing this way? How did they come to be here, and by what means? Do they have a purpose in coming – news, or supplies, or the start of the next wave of colonists? Are they alone, or part of a group?

What is the first thing that this visitor sees? As he or she progresses into the colony, what do they find? Is it still very crude, or starting to look like an established town, or indistinguishable from a city that has been around for decades? What do the people look like, seem like? Do they welcome a stranger with open arms, distrust, relief, or hostility?

Is there anyone left to welcome this visitor at all?

Follow this person through the colony. Picture the places he or she sees, smells, breathes in. What impression does the visitor have, and is it borne out as they move on through, deeper into this place? Is there any sign of the hardships that the colony has been through? Does this person achieve what they set out to by coming here?

Show us this person’s visit to the colony, and give us a hint of what it might mean for the colony’s future.

Finish up: Epilogue

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