2 May 2015 - 2:00 pm

Colonising Minds: Challenge #3

Start here before doing this challenge.

The long journey is over. Your colonists have finally arrived at their destination. It might be the planned location, or a chance happenstance of the right conditions, or just the place where they finally had to stop. They are here, and now it’s time to break ground on this new home of theirs.

What kind of ground is it? What is it like here? How much work do the colonists have ahead of them to get themselves established?

How does it compare to the place they set out from? Is the contrast stark? Is it comfortingly or disturbingly familiar? Is it what they thought it would be? Are there any surprises waiting there for them, and if there are, are they good or bad surprises? What is the general mood of the colonists as they stop moving and start settling?

Consider the characters you focussed on in at the start of the journey. Did they all make it? For those who did, how do they react when they finally see their new home? Are they relieved, disappointed, elated, excited, scared of what lies ahead, or regretting their decision to come here?

Tell us the story of the laying of the foundations of their new home.

Next up: Challenge #4

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