4 February 2009 - 8:35 pm

Brain – off switch?

I wish I had one. The thing with being creative regularly is that it makes you more creative. This was the point of starting the Apocalypse Blog! And it’s working! I’m learning, I’m enjoying my daily writing sessions, and I’m actually writing every day.

And now I’m starting to get ideas. For more fictional blogs. Other ways to use the medium, other stories that I can tell this way. Like a ship’s log, told by the ship.

It’s exciting and wonderful, but I so don’t have time for any more right now! I’m barely scraping AB into my schedule at the moment (laptop issues are not helping by cutting my writing time short every commute). I am writing the ideas down, though! They need a lot of work.

If AB doesn’t kill me this year, maybe I’ll do another one afterwards. The temptation is definitely there! Never mind that I’m a day or two behind schedule (in next week’s stuff, not this week’s). It’s still the best fun. 🙂

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