21 December 2012 - 5:25 pm

Back on the horse

It has been a long, hard year. Health up and down (mostly down), financial worries, work headaches, more stress than I care to tally up… but we’re almost to the end of it now. I have to say: I’m glad. I’m ready for a fresh start.

The relief shows. Here I am, writing on this blog again after two months’ absence. Apologies, faithful readers; I didn’t mean to go away. I am striving to be back, to write more, to ponder more, and to grab some of that energy back in my wording, even if I don’t always feel it in myself.

I started by writing up the amazing journey that was this year’s NaNoWriMo; you may have noticed Part 1 go up a couple of days ago. There are 4 parts in total! Yes, there was that much to say about it. I’m spreading them out a little bit, to give myself time to edit them properly and so I have time to write other stuff too.

One thing I’ve been pondering a bit lately is the way that ideas work when I put projects together. This is partly because I’m attempting to get the robot brothel story set up and ready to start writing, and it’s fighting me a bit. So there might be a post (or ten, who knows) come out of all that.

As part of a discussion with some writer friends on ideas, I was quoted in a blog post! How cool is that? I feel accomplished. I feel like I have Things To Say and people who are willing to listen to me.

Also, it’s nearly the weekend (hooray for Friday!), and Christmas is soon, and it’s all good. Right now, it’s all good.


(Of course, the world is supposed to end today – whoops, nearly forgot about that. But at least I’m ending on a high note!)

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