18 June 2022 - 2:40 pm

Altered Dimensions: Challenge #4

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Your character has spent between a week and a month in the future. Perhaps they’ve enjoyed the comfort and privilege of technology and the advancements that accompany it. Perhaps their stay has been less comfortable. 

Either way, their time in a science fiction world is about to end. The portal is coming for them again, snapping at their heels, and it whisks them away to a different time and place. It’s time for a whole new orientation.

In the next place your character finds themself, something terrible happened. Not recently; it has been a few years now, enough time for the initial dust to settle and for the breadth of the devastation to become clear to those who survived. That destruction covers all the known world; which, considering how difficult it is to communicate across large distances, is not that wide from where your character finds themself. 

The cataclysmic event – or series of events – left cities in ruins, infrastructure fractured and inoperable, and ordinary people forced to figure out how to survive. The land teems with problems and dangers for those wandering outside unprotected and alone.

It’s up to you what might have broken this world, and it’s up to you what kinds of challenges it presents for your character. What sort of situation do they arrive in? What type of people do they meet first? What do they notice first, and what do they do next? Do they try to band together with locals or strike out on their own?

What does their ability mean in this world? Does it help them deal with this place’s particular challenges, or is it useless to them as they figure out how to survive here? How hard is it for them to make their way here? What’s the biggest challenge before them when they’re facing the end of the world at they know it? Do they meet themself here or hear about their legacy?

Tell us the story of how they find their feet in a post-apocalyptic setting. Do they sink or swim? How do they scrape by or soar here? It’s up to you.

The bonus challenge for you this time is: hungry. Put in as many descriptions of hunger as possible.

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