18 June 2022 - 11:50 am

Altered Dimensions: Challenge #2

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You were promised alternate dimensions and that’s what you shall get! You know what your character’s usual life is like; now it’s time to take them on an unusual journey.

During your character’s normal day, at wherever they ended up at the end of the last challenge, something odd occurs. It’s up to you exactly what it looks like and how it feels; however it works, your character is transported from their home world to somewhere quite different. 

This world has mountains and forests, rivers and brooks. It has villages tucked away among rolling farmland and brand new castles built on mounds. There are horses and carts and many familiar things… if you lived in Europe in the Dark Ages. 

There’s also magic here. Mages, wizards, and sorceresses kind of magic, with spells and sigils. There are strange creatures that your character might be used to finding in books, not running around the landscape like they’re living and breathing, yet here they are. There’s an alchemist in the high street, a store selling charms and bewitchments, and a placard promising a cure for curses. There might even be dragons.

And yet, here your character finds themself, spit out from a portal like a pip into a sword and sorcery land. It probably smells very strange. The clothing is different and your character’s currency means nothing now. 

In a land of medieval magic, how does your character’s ability fit in or stand out? How do people react to someone who looks and acts like your character?

And how does your character react to their arrival in this place? What is their first interpretation of what has happened to them? Does that interpretation change or grow? What is the first thing they try to do, and what is the most useful thing they try to do? How successful are they?

It’s entirely possible there is – or was – a local dimensional version of your character here. Do they meet or hear about their local self? What impact does it have?

Your character doesn’t know it, but they have to spend a few days here. How far in or out of trouble do they manage to get? Now is your chance to tell us.

Your extra element for this challenge is: inversion. Use as many flipped images and reversals as you can, should you wish to try. Good luck!

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