18 June 2022 - 10:40 am

Altered Dimensions: Challenge #1

Just joined this Asylum? Start from the beginning!

It’s time for the first challenge! I hope you are sitting comfortably and ready to write.

You know something about who your character is and a particular ability they have. You know how they spend their time and where they live. Now it’s time to walk in their shoes. 

Your challenge is to explore a day in the life of your character. Take them through a typical day and meet some of the people in their life. Give them an opportunity, excuse, or reason to use their ability, see what happens when they get to put it into action. Stir things up a little, if you have to.

The extra element for this challenge is masks. You may interpret this as you wish, should you try to include it. 

Take a walk through a day in the life of your character. Your challenge starts now!

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